Report States Online Marketing Video’s On The Rise

Movie Icon: RSSTurn Here, an Online Video Production, Advertising and Distribution company, released the results of a recent survey about companies using Online Video’s for marketing.  The company surveyed 116 companies, which ranged from Fortune 500 companies, to PR and digital agencies, and traditional regional based companies.

Overall the report states that video through the web is increasingly becoming an important online marketing tool to reach out to clients.  83.5% of those surveyed have said they are already using some sort of online video marketing.  Companies however were split when it came to what type videos they produce.  Roughly 57.3% said they have created branded videos, content produced for companies to showcase their products or services, while 38.7% have created editorial content for their website. 

Of those that do currently produce videos, they were surveyed on the producing process.  From the cost of producing, the quality of the content, and the success of their video campaign, 55.4% were satisfied overall, while 20.3% were very satisfied with the process.  It does say 24.3% were less than satisfied, however no one was not satisfied at all.

Many companies have stated their primary reason for producing online video’s was to brand the company and simply just for the exposure.  54.7% admitted to posting their videos onto video sites, such as YouTube and Vimeo.  And with more consumers on the web, several companies, which have were not named in the survey, have received revenues of several million dollars.  The survey goes on to say that 90.7% are likely or highly likely to use online video in their marketing efforts in 2010.

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