Internet Users Spend Most Time On Facebook

facebook-generic-pic-rex-features-615598689How much time do you think you spend on the computer a month? Do you spend the majority of your time updating your status and poking your friends on Facebook?  If you’re like the average American, you do. 

The folks over at Nielsen have released yet another interesting survey which shows how much time we spent online in January and where we visited.  Surprisingly, the average US Internet user, spent more time on Facebook than Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Wikipedia and Amazon combined.  In fact, the average American spent 7 hours, 1 minute and 41 seconds on the social network (that’s the equivalent of 14 minutes or so a day).  That’s a major jump from Nielsen’s June 2009 survey, when at the time the average Facebook user only spent 4 hours, 39 minutes and 33 seconds on the site.


The second graph shows that the Average American spent close to 59 hours on a computer in the month of computer.  That means 11% or so of the time spent on the computer is on Facebook. Compare that to Google only being used 2% of online time. 

As Facebook’s population grows, we can expect the time spent on Facebook to rise too.

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  • Dad Work at Home

    Wow Facebook is really famous and I am also addicted to it because it’s a great way to connect to friends and business contacts.


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