“iePlexus helped me get where I am in 1 month of marketing.”

Client TestimonialWhere do I begin? Your consultant phoned me on Feb.28/08 and gave me advice on all kinds of different things I could do to market my website better. He mentioned Blog, Press Release and many other things, but those 2 things I remember the most. My brother and I both talked about it and decided that we would give him a chance to show us what he could do for us. That was the best thing we ever did because you get to meet some great people which help with the Blog and putting the Press Release together. The Biggest thing that happened to us is when you published the Press Release not even a week on-line already I was getting phone calls from MTV Movie Awards & Living in Style. iePlexus helped me get where I am in 1 month of marketing. Isn’t that Awesome!!!

Marina Friesen

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