17% of Facebook Users Use Facebook Connect

facebook-connect2Facebook seems to have yet another statistic which will amaze us once again.  Last week on December 4, Facebook’s feature, Facebook Connect celebrated its one year anniversary since joining the site.  Late Wednesday, the company announced some pretty amazing statistics.

“Today, we are celebrating the first anniversary of Facebook Connect from the LeWeb conference in France,” said Ethan Beard, director of the Facebook Developer Network. “Facebook Connect is now available on more than 80,000 websites, and more than 60 million people are using the service to connect with their friends everywhere.”

While 60 million is only about 17% of Facebook’s population, which recently passed 350 million users, with how fast the site has grown this year, that’s an incredible number.  Many users have been skeptical of Facebook Connect, since it requires you to enter your e-mail and password.  However, the feature is very safe, and will continue to grow. Just last week, Yahoo announced their partnership with Facebook Connect on the search engine’s homepage.

“Facebook was developed with the idea that friends make every experience better,” said Beard, “and with Facebook Connect that same concept is extended off of Facebook so that you can view your News Feed and updates where and when you want. With just a few clicks on an external website, your Facebook content, privacy settings and friends follow you to make your experience on that website more social and meaningful.

Facebook Connect is opening the door for communication and cross-platform interaction that hasn’t been available before, but we’re only at the beginning. You can now start a game, like Scrabble, with your mom from home on your computer and continue that same game later in the day from your iPhone. You can also connect and share with your Facebook friends in your living room from your TV on Xbox or via Boxee. Soon, connected experiences will extend to even more platforms, all with Facebook as the underlying technology.”

Beard finished by saying, “We can’t wait to see where Facebook Connect goes next.”

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