Social Media News Brief: December 2, 2009

Social Media News Brief: iePlexus Inc. December 2, 2009 from iePlexus on Vimeo.

Social Media News Brief: iePlexus Inc. December 2, 2009 from iePlexus on Vimeo.

This week has been full of news from the social media world.  Here’s a look at some of the headlines happening in the social media world.

-Late last night, Facebook Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent an open letter  out to Facebook users, announcing the site has officially more than 350 million users.  In January of this year, Facebook had a reported 150 million users, more than doubling the number this year.  While Zuckerberg is happy with the growth of Facebook, he says changes will soon be coming to Facebook’s Privacy Settings.  The company plans on removing regional networks, to create a simpler model for privacy control.  If you you’d like to read all of Zuckerberg’s letter you can find it on our blog.

-Tuesday marked World AIDS Day, a one-day campaign to bring awareness to the AIDS epidemic in Africa. The campaign which was started by Bono & Bobby Shriver in 2006, used social media this year to bring awareness to users of Google, Facebook & Twitter.  Twitter decked it’s homepage out in red, while if users mentioned World AIDS Day or used the hashtag #red, their entire message would turn that.  No word yet on how much money was raised in yesterday’s campaign.

-Monday was Cyber Monday, one of the busiest online shopping days of the year and reports have already suggested that online retailers did much better than expected.  A report from Coremetrics said that online sales grew more by 13.7% compared to Cyber Monday 2008. That’s a major shock since numbers were expected to drop.  Amazon’s traffic jumped nearly 44% compared to last year.  Unfortunately, the Home Depot’s Cyber Monday traffic dropped more than 29%.  Although Cyber Monday is over, many companies like Amazon are offering Cyber Week Deals, and using social media sites to attract online shoppers. 

Be sure to check back Friday to see what else made headlines this week.

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