Google Gains Lead, Bing & Yahoo Fall Behind

googleyahoobingThe most recent report from Nielsen, shows that Google continues to dominate the search engines, but the most surprising news, is that they are gaining more users. The report documents the top 10 search engines for the month of December.  Google took 67.3% of those searches.  That’s nearly 6.7 billion people searching Google, compare that to only 1.4 billion on Yahoo!, which followed Google with only 14.4%.   That’s a drop from November, when Yahoo took roughly 15.3% of searches.  That’s close to an entire percent, which is drastic in terms of search.  Bing dropped to 9.9% of all searches, which is down from 10.7% in November.  It looks like those users went over to Google, since in November Google only had 65% of searches in November but jumped 2.3%. 

Yahoo & Microsoft have announced they have partnered up, but many experts say, unless they do anything differnt soon, the gap between them and Google will continue to expand. 

You can check the results and compare the results from both November and December below.



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  • Justin Peterson

    Interesting article. Shows that Google is pretty much a house hold name. I don’t see them giving up any of there shares anytime soon.


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