Mashable Announces 2009 Open Web Awards – Social Media Edition

owa-logoFor the third year in a row Mashable, the popular social media site, is hosting the Open Web Awards: Social Media Edition.  There are 50 nomination categories this year, which is almost double of the amount of categories there were last year.  The Open Web Awards is  an  international online voting competition that covers major achievements in web technology and  in Social Media.  Mashable’s website does say they have extended the voting time by nearly a month and came up with the new categories for voters to reflect on the changes of web culture within the past year.

On Wednesday, Mashable opened up the site for nominations, which includes “Best Social Media Agency“, “Best Facebook App“, “Best Social Media App for iPhones“, and “Best Blogger to Follow.”  Last year, there were approximately 50,000 nominations, and this year  that number is expected to at least double.  Every world citizen, company, brand, website, page, or product is eligible for nomination as all as they are in some way “publicly available.” 

After the nomination round ends on November 15, Mashable will review the submissions, and on November 18, the company will take the top 5 nominee’s from each category and open the voting round, which will run until December 13 at 11:59 EST.  Winners will then be announced on December 15 on Mashable’s website.

If you are looking to get in on the action, you can nominate for whom or whatever you’d like once a day per category, meaning you can have up to 50 nominations a day.  You are able to vote for yourself and are actually encouraged to do so and then promote themselves through social media.

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