The Only Keywords You Really Need To Know: Be Genuine

You have probably heard about the big trends in online marketing, like video marketing, blogging, and content marketing, but what about those smaller details that make each customer interaction unique and interesting online? Creating a captivating online experience is not just about the big-picture details, but the little ways in which a customer gets excited about your business. Personalizing your business, creating a buzz, and being authentic and genuine when providing online content are three concepts that are poised to make a huge impact.


Finding more ways to personalize what your customers see can really make a big difference. Most of us are familiar with Netflix and the way they show their “recommended for you” picks each time you log in. With a little bit of personalization, Netflix makes us eager to open it up and discover the next show we will be binge-watching until the wee hours of the morning. We just know that we will always find a great show to watch, as Netflix confidently presents its picks for us day after day, a vast array of colorful titles and pictures chosen just for us that keeps us drawn in. You may not have the budget that Netflix has, but there is always potential to collect data, find out what your customers are missing, and take action to make your website feel more personalized.


Creating and maintaining a buzz around your business is another strategy that many successful businesses use. Your website doesn’t have to just sit there, waiting for interest. A website is meant to always be active, moving, and changing, getting people in on the conversation. This is where social media advertising comes into play, such as with blogging or posting updates on your personal social media pages. Putting out new products and showing people glimpses into your business via videos are great ways to get people talking. Sharing videos and images on your website or social media page is today’s version of word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth is still really powerful, we just tend to do it digitally nowadays. And remember, it takes experimentation, trial and error. You may not come up with the world’s greatest campaign overnight and that’s OK. It’s about trying things, making mistakes, learning from them, and eventually coming up with something great.


Last but certainly not least, find ways to be as authentic as possible. With all of the articles and interesting stories out there online, it has become harder than ever to stand out. People are no longer responding to mass messages and impersonal, anonymous content. They want to relate to you, to feel like you know and understand them. Making sure your online content is valuable and genuine will go a long way. Take note of your audience’s needs and issues and provide ways of solving them that show that you understand and care. Being authentic will make you stand out and people will be able to tell that you are the real deal.

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