Blogging with Duplicate Content Proves to be Counterproductive

If you’re thinking of using duplicate content for your blog posts, you might want to rethink this strategy if your goal is to create the most effective blog possible. Duplicate content is created when people visit different places on the Internet, such as Wikipedia or, copy an article and paste it on their blog, pretending they wrote the text.

The problem develops when the search engine spiders try to index this duplicated post you have published. The spiders will recognize that the information reads verbatim to that of another source or multiple sources, depending on how many other webmasters have already copied this information.

It’s in your best interest to avoid duplicate content because search engines rank repeated posts with less value. After all, it’s their job to provide users with the best information possible. Therefore, duplicated content will prevent you from obtaining the rankings you desire.

Think about it. If Google produced search results that listed four of the top 10 rankings with identical, word-for-word content, their credibility for providing the best information would certainly spoil. People might altogether stop using Google and go elsewhere to find better information.

Also keep in mind that the links you create within these copied posts hold less value as well. We have had many clients call in and ask, “Why I am I not gaining visibility on my blog?” and our first question to them is “Are you copying information?” In most cases their answer is yes.

We always try to explain how duplicated content hinders the visibility of any Web site. Most often this motivates people to become a bit creative and develop original content; however, some people ignore our warnings and continue to copy information from other sources, which only hurts their business.

People who begin to create unique blog posts will see things happen for their blog site, while those who are stuck on the idea of copying information only get frustrated by their lack of results.

In conclusion, if you want to make your business blog work effectively, you must take the time to develop original posts. With just a little bit of dedication to writing, the payoff will be tenfold. Remember, there are no short cuts to success.

Written By:
Justin Peterson
iePlexus Client Support Technician

Edited By:
Jamie Galvin
iePlexus Copywriter

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