Herbal Supplements Rejuvenate Health and Happiness with help of Interactive Blog

Roger Kern remembers the aches and pains of a time when he used to get the flu and a lung infection each year, like clockwork. Fortunately, those days are long gone and his health has grown strong and unwavering to ailment for three years now.

Naturally, the first question most people have when they hear of Kern’s story is, “What is responsible for such a miraculous change?” Well, listen closely because the secret to his transformation isn’t an everyday remedy or cure-all, it can’t be found in a drugstore and it didn’t involve a shaman. The key to unlocking his newfound wellness was nothing more than a few simple changes in his diet, a switch from nutritional neglect to a meal plan that was heavily focused on herbal supplements.

“After several failed attempts with other popular solutions, I discovered the Herbalife program and dropped 30 pounds within the first three months,” Kern said. I’ve felt great and energized ever since; it was the exact boost I was looking for.”

In fact, Kern was so impressed with his results that he decided to become an independent distributor for Herbalife, launching in October 2009. Here, healthy-living seekers are invited to browse an extensive selection of herbal-based supplements that promote basic cellular nutrition, weight management, core nutrition and targeted health, energy and fitness as well as a variety of products that deliver personal skin care and outer nutrition.

“Our weight-loss supplements and targeted-health products have been our most popular sellers. Additionally, women can’t seem to get enough of our anti-aging skin creams, which provide the same luxurious quality as high-end brands like Clinique and Estée Lauder for a fraction of the price,” Kern said.

Shoppers will also discover the exact program that Kern used to rejuvenate his health and energy – the Shapeworks Advanced program (soon to be renamed Herbalife Advanced) – which involves meal replacement (one or two depending on desired weight loss) with a tasty assortment of protein shakes.

“Our shakes are made from some of the best whey protein around; they’re low in calories and rich in flavor, which keeps me satisfied in between meals,” Kern said.

Although the Herbalife name is recognized internationally for manufacturing innovative and delicious supplements and products, Kern’s website wasn’t receiving the attention he knew it deserved. Therefore, in February 2010 he signed on with iePlexus to develop a business blog,, deigned to increase his Google rankings.

“Not only has iePlexus helped me gain first-page Google rankings, my website is the top-ranked search result for Herbalife beauty,” Kern said.

Visit Kern’s new blog to follow his daily approach to healthy living as he continues to participate in the Herbalife program. Here he provides detailed accounts of his personal experiences with the products while providing recommendations for maintaining general nutrition.

“I’m proud to be involved in a program that’s not only good for me, but something that can bring health and happiness into the lives of so many others,” Kern said.

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