First-Time Web Entrepreneur Delighted by Ease of Business Blogging with iePlexus

The term blogging often sounds awkward and intimidating to newbie web entrepreneurs and emerging small-business owners, however, the concept behind the wording is quite the contrary. In fact, e-commerce go-getter Gloria McQuade insists that blogging is as simple as keeping a pen and paper handy to scribble down creative thoughts and ideas as they come to you.

“It’s important to be a multitasker to succeed in the competitive world of e-commerce,” McQuade said. “As a full-time employee by day, I have to take advantage of every free moment I get to help market my web business.”

Blogging allows business owners to promote their products/services in brief, engaging articles while dually encouraging interaction and discussion among consumers. It also happens to be a key concept behind the professional marketing strategies of iePlexus – the company that helped McQuade formulate a business blog of her very own.

Developed in May 2010, was created to educate readers about the numerous functions and exciting features presented by McQuade’s collection of dollhouses that’s available for individual purchase through her web store. In recent posts, she has discussed important tips for assembling a dollhouse, the similarities of dollhouse doors to life-size doors as well as the dramatic difference dollhouse accessories – such as winding staircases and decorative furniture – make to each miniature home sweet home.

However, no business blog is complete without an enterprise to boast; and for McQuade, her online storefront can be found at Here, shoppers will discover a world of fully-decorated, vintage dollhouses that feature authentic colors and motifs of the classic-style homes they depict. With one, two and three-story models, the dollhouses are available in Queen Anne and Princess Anne styles, historical styles (like Lincoln’s Springfield home) as well as large-scale Victorian styles.

“Most people can’t afford an elaborate mansion; therefore, being able to substitute this dream with a miniature version to display inside your home provides them with a small piece of this fantasy,” McQuade said.

Measuring in at barely five-feet tall herself, McQuade explained that she’s always been charmed by all things miniature. However, much to her delight, her experience teaming with iePlexus has been anything but pint-sized.

“The thing I like most about iePlexus is their dependable and collaborative efforts to meet the needs of every customer. They always answer the phone and are willing to work with you to get the problem solved – now that’s customer service!” McQuade said.

A crucial part of witnessing success with your enterprise is to partner with someone who knows how to effectively market your online business, she explained. At times you may feel like you’re trapped behind a giant brick wall as you begin to develop your web store, but rest assured that iePlexus will always be there to build you a door, McQuade said.

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