Top 5 Tools for Successful Twitter Marketing

If you’re having trouble deciding which is more important – the quantity of your Twitter following or the depth of your relationships with your followers – rest assured that both are of equal value.

Now that your mind is uncluttered and free of question, it’s best to concentrate on how you can enhance both aspects of your Twitter account to ensure the most oomph for your efforts.

Below you’ll find five indispensible resources to establish successful Twitter marketing, thanks to, which zoom in on the following key areas:

• Generating new followers
• Managing your newly established following surplus
• Transforming shallow relationships into deeper, more connected ones

 1. Blast Follow
A must-have Twitter application, Blast Follow is a remarkable resource for e-commerce entrepreneurs who could use a helping hand in accomplishing the necessary grunt work to locate others in their industry. With just a single click, users can generate a seemingly endless list of followers.

So, how can such a near impossible task become so simplified? Quite easily in fact. The concept is based on a societal norm – the law of reciprocity – which states that it’s in the nature of humans to desire reciprocation (whether a friend or stranger) of actions.

This concept takes on a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ appeal and, in this case, Twitter users seem to adhere to a loyalty to that says ‘you follow me; it’s only fair that I follow you.’

2. Tweepi
The polar intent of Blast Follow, Tweepi allows users to eliminate those who fall through the cracks of the law of reciprocity by ‘unfollowing’ people who do not return the favor of reciprocation.

In fact, this application was created to complement Blast Follow by providing a solution to dissolve all connections with those who have ignored your gracious following of their tweets. The strategy behind these partner applications is to Blast Follow a few hundred people today and then wait a week or so to see who hasn’t reciprocated the favor. Tweepi then sweeps in to clean up the trail of users who don’t make the cut.

3. twAitter
Once you’ve begun to build a loyal following on Twitter, it’s crucial to maintain a regular presence. Although tweets cannot exceed 140 characters, web entrepreneurs often fail to find the time to post daily. Fortunately, twAitter has emerged to allow users to schedule tweets in advance.

Additionally, this application delivers a twofold user advantage by allowing members to rotate and repeat tweets. And why would you want to reiterate your posts? The average Twitter user browses their account for 10-20 minutes in one sitting, which means it’s quite possible that your followers could miss out on your latest posts – unless you have twAitter.

4. TweetDeck  
With a flourishing Twitter following, it’s time to become a little more organized about tracking your followers, specifically keeping tabs on the really interesting accounts. The beauty of TweetDeck is that it establishes a simple way to stay orderly and focused – even if it’s your nature to be disheveled.

This application allows you to create panels (like a spreadsheet) to categorize followers based on overarching commonalties. For example, you could make one panel for loyal customers, one for other professionals in your industry, one for new followers and one for friends. In short, TweetDeck will simplify the necessary efforts to maintain a professional account.

5. TweetChat
This multifaceted application allows users to establish familiarity and depth within their industry by connecting with other professionals through TweetChat. By participating in relevant online talks, calling upon your knowledge and experience within the field, you will attract interested parties and establish new followers.

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