Italian Plumbers Rejoice, Nintendo Dominates the Internet

Everyone below the age of thirty-five who is even remotely interested in videogames holds strong to one steadfast truth—Nintendo rules. There’s really no way of avoiding that simple reality. Looming large in the development of many 80s-bred children, Nintendo has been able to seamlessly take their business online while others have fell short. What allows Nintendo to translate its awesome into the world of online business so well? Here are just a few of the possible contributing factors.

-Nintendo was the game of choice throughout the 80s. The children that grew up addicted to Tetris and 2-D Mario are the same kids that are currently addicted to MySpace. In short, their client base constitutes the “internet generation,” and it’s only natural they’d continue their love of Nintendo through online venues.

-While many companies hoard and protect every aspect of their intellectual creations, Nintendo has had a (relatively) open attitude. The iconic games and characters have been translated into just about every new technology, and they are often discussed, altered, and lampooned across the internet.

-Shock of all shocks…Nintendo actually tailors its products, advertising, and online tactics to its client base. With years of experience and careful research, they have discovered that their customers like things simple and affordable. And that’s what they’ve delivered. Online sales and interaction are also high because Nintendo’s products remain in demand, and online consumption is the modus operandi of the internet generation.

-Nintendo knows not to mess with a working formula. There’s no doubt that Mario was a winning concept. For whatever reason, people just love that Italian plumber and his ubiquitous overalls. Through NES, N64, Wii (and quite likely beyond), Mario has essentially remained the same. This means users can enjoy new features with the same successful formula. They’ve applied this mindset to their site as well. A visually inclined company with a visually inclined client base, the site remains an interactive, image laden experience.

If their past record is any indication, Nintendo junkies can breathe a sigh of relief. The company looks to be a successful and thriving business for years to come.

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