Internet About To Get SPeeDY

internet-speedAre you constantly complaining at how slow your Internet speed is?  You may soon be in luck, because Google announced today, that they are in the early stages of a project in efforts to make the Internet nearly two times faster than it is now.  SPDY (Speedy), is an Internet protocol, which would take over the Internets current HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

Google’s Chromium Blog explains, “We started working on SPDY while exploring ways to optimize the way browsers and servers communicate. Today, web clients and servers speak HTTP.  HTTP is an elegantly simple protocol that emerged as a web standard in 1996 after a series of experiments. HTTP has served the web incredibly well. We want to continue building on the web’s tradition of experimentation and optimization, to further support the evolution of websites and browsers. So over the last few months, a few of us here at Google have been experimenting with new ways for web browsers and servers to speak to each other, resulting in a prototype web server and Google Chrome client with SPDY support.”

The blog further goes onto say that since testing began on SPDY, when they downloaded the top 25 websites, pages loaded 55% faster than they did on HTTP.  55% would be a significant improvement and something that everyone would be able to notice.   The company also notes there is still much more to do, however they believe they have reached a point where they are ready for “active participation, feedback and assistance of the web community.”

If you are interested in learning more and contributing to the project, Google invites you to check out the early stage documentation, along with looking at Google’s current code and provide feedback through the Chromium Google Group.

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