Bringing Yahoo To Your TV

yahoo-tv1-420x315To be frankly honest, it’s been a slow week in the social media world.  However, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), currently happening in Las Vegas is making the week a bit better.  This year, it seems everything is about TV’s.  I shared with you earlier this week that Skype plans on bringing Skype to your TV screen soon.  Then the technology has made it so far advanced, we can expect to get 3DTV in our homes later on this year.  There is even a LG television that debuted which is only 7 millimeters thick, that’s the equivalent of just slightly over a quarter of an inch! 

While it’s hard to skip over that, Yahoo has decided they want to get into the television business.  Last June, Yahoo announced they were creating a widget which would help bring an internet experience to your television.  The company calls it’s Connected TV.  Thursday morning at CES, Yahoo announced they would be expanding their partnership and would start to make the widget available to the public today.

Imagine being able to check the weather, shop on Amazon, update your Twitter, comment on your friend’s Facebook wall, watch YouTube videos all on your television set.  What’s really interesting, is that any developer will be able to submit it their own widgets to Connected TV, so that others can connect to anyone in an endless ways of possibilities. 

Yahoo is also in talks with LG, Sony, Samsung, & Vizio to make the widget standard on their televisions.  It should be interesting to see what happens with it in the next year.  2010 is shaping up to be the year we really start to get what we’ve imagined since the Back to the Future movies, but better!

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