Taking Down the eBay Machine

When eBay was first introduced to the online community, it truly revolutionized the way people viewed working from home. In a post-eBay era, it suddenly became a very real possibility for people to pull in a little extra cash simply by dishing off household leftovers. But as the company grew more and more popular, the higher ups grew more and more greedy. Raising their listing fees and other associated fees, users grew increasingly alienated.

With the advent of Craigslist and other less fee-driven sites, users began seeking viable eBay alternatives. While many sites cropped up claiming to be the next eBay rival, they tended to be plagued by scammers and questionable sellers. (Who wants to pay $100 for poorly made Christian Louboutin rip-offs?)

But amid this crop of upstarts, there seems to be one site making an impressive bid for online sale dominance., the newest place to buy and sell online, secured an impressive one million listings in just six months. Possible keys to its initial success? One, the fees are considerably lower and less complicated than those on eBay, and two, Bonanzle utilizes several social media features.

Promoting real interaction between buyer and seller, users can chat in real-time with the seller, IM other users, and much more.

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