Facebook Simplifies Privacy Settings

facebook_lite_teaserIf you haven’t already noticed, the next time you log onto Facebook, you will most likely be prompted with an “Important message from Facebook.”  The message contains information about Facebook’s new privacy settings. This should come as no surprise since CEO Mark Zuckenberg told users last week that changes were coming, and yesterday the company set up Facebook’s Safety Board.

“Developing privacy controls that work for 350 million people who all use the site in unique ways is a difficult challenge,” said Ruchi Sanghvi in a Facebook blog post this morning. “We’ve put a lot of work into today’s new features, using your suggestions to guide us, and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished.  However, we’re by no means done, and we look forward to your feedback, which will help us develop the next innovation in user control.”

The message contains some information about Facebook simplifying privacy settings.  As you continue, “you’ll be asked to make choices about who can see the various parts of your profile and the posts you create. If you’ve ever chosen to restrict access to parts of your profile, we’ll be recommending that you keep those more restrictive settings. If you’ve never done this, we’ll be making recommendations based on how lots of people are sharing information today.”

After your new settings are saved, you will have the option and go into your privacy settings and manually change any settings you want, to restrict who has access to certain parts of your profile. 

Facebook says they are also now going to introduce a new tool which you can choose the settings for each post that you put on your profile.  That includes things like links, to status updates.  As always the company encourages all user to share their thoughts and opinions on the changes to help better serve the community. 


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