A Social Media Super Bowl Contest

superbowlOne of my favorite things to share is how we can get free things from the social media world.  So when there is a contest worth it, I try to share it.  My first day at iePlexus, I shared with you about the Snow at First Sight contest, offering anyone who had never seen snow before an all expences, month paid vacation through the Colorado tourism department.  The winners from the contest are snowboarding the slopes of Colorado right now. 

Now if you’re a sports fanatic, you are going to love this next contest.  How about receiving two tickets to this year’s Super Bowl game in Miami?  Don’t be fooled by’s Facebook competition.  The website allows users powerful tools  to send anonymous phone calls, texts, and e-mail. 

They recently launched their Facebook fanpage and in hopes to get more fans, they are giving away two tickets to the Super Bowl in Miami, along with two VIP wristbands to “an exclusive private celebrity events.”  And all you need to do it fan themon the social media site to be entered, but be sure to fan them before they pick the winner on February 1.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that.


  • Fabrice

    We’re extremely excited about 2010 Superbowl. It’s a great shoot out. I’ll pick dem Indianapolis Colts in a blow out.

  • NYC Screen Printing

    Hey cool blog and go around to different blogs asking a couple questions what you think about the Super Bowl and who do you want to win next year?

  • Rolf Billheimer

    Hey I landed on your page by accident on feedburner while looking for something completely irrelevant but I am truly glad that I did, You have just captured yourself another subscriber. 🙂


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