Twitter E-Mail Not Phishing Scam

twitterpasswordThis morning, several Twitter users woke up to e-mails from Twitter saying,”“Due to concern that your account may have been compromised in a phishing attack that took place off-Twitter, your password was reset,” which was then followed by a link to see what their new password was changed to.  To most smart internet users this looks like a phishing attack and scam.

However, the e-mail is indeed from Twitter, and the social network was taking precautions. 

Unconfirmed reports from The Next Web, suggest Twitter users following @THCx could be the victims.  The Next Web also notes”@THCx, supposedly a tips/tutorials service, has managed to gain access to over 42000 user accounts in a matter of days and doesn’t appear to be following one.”  That’s usually a red flag at the Twitter offices. 

They also believed that NutshellMail played a role in the panic, but now it’s believed that it had nothing to do with it. 

Remember with any link contained in an e-mail make sure you know 100% sure you know who the link is from.  And if the e-mail looks suspicious ask the person who sent it to you.


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