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social-media-contentAlthough every company has a slightly different strategy and technique, one of the ultimate goals is always to engage and captivate users. Engaged and captivated users, after all, often translate into engaged and captivated consumers. It is with this in mind that so many companies spend time, effort, and money on creating high quality content.

But companies shouldn’t be short sighted about the value and power of this content. While many businesses are meticulous about what appears on the corporate website, they are less stringent about the entries into the corporate blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account.

This attitude, however, can result in some seriously squandered opportunities. After all, social media venues don’t magically attract, keep, and convert customers. Just like any aspect of your marketing campaign, the content that appears through social media or social networking venues must be carefully researched and created. Otherwise, you’re using the right channels with the wrong message.

This doesn’t mean, though, that the content has to be as formal in presentation. When it comes to your blog, a comma splice here or a split infinite there isn’t going to drive your customers away. It’s more about putting in the time and research to know what your audience wants to see in these interactive platforms.

Also, unlike the content for your official website, there must be a correlated call to action. It’s against the very principle of social media to simply preach at your audience. Ask customers their opinions via your blog. Inspire some conversation and encourage participation.

After all, delivering what your customer wants in business can sometimes feel like a guessing game. But done correctly, social media can offer your customers a place to tell you whether they love or hate your latest commercial, want to see more or less of a product, and countless other invaluable pieces of information, all of which allow you to concentrate your time, money, and effort on products and services your customers actually want.

Essentially, treat this campaign like any other campaign your business would undertake. You wouldn’t waste time and money on product research without a clear goal in mind, so why would you dive headfirst into social media aimless and goalless? Determine what advantage you want to derive from accruing Facebook friends rather than just inflating that number for the sake of it.

Even though social media powerhouses can bring a staggering number of people together, don’t be fooled into thinking that quantity beats quality on the social front. Thousands of confirmed Facebook friends doesn’t mean anything if those friends aren’t remotely engaged or interested in your profile or your company.

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