Facebook Wants You To Use Twitter

FacebookTwitterYes, I know it looks like something that would never happen, but since the launch of Facebook’s URL shortening service yesterday, TechCrunch confirmed that Facebook will now have the ability to send your status updates from the site onto Twitter.  Surprisingly, this will be an option directly on your Facebook status bar, and you will not need a Facebook app to use this.  A similar feature currently exists on Fan Pages, but will now be available to all profiles.

“Now the launch of makes a little more sense,” said MG Siegler. “Facebook is clearly getting on board with using Twitter as a platform to drive more traffic back to Facebook. Or having users simply use Facebook as their preferred third-party Twitter updater. But unlike MySpace, which also recently linked up with Twitter, this data exchange won’t be two-way. If you want to publish your tweets to your Facebook status, you’re still going to have to use a third-party app”

TechCrunch also says that several Facebook staff members are testing out the new feature and should be rolled out to much of the Facebook community by the end of the week.

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