Share Your Content with the Push of a ‘Tweet Button’

One of the most remarkable aspects of social networking sites—and the internet in general—is the ever-increasing amount of interconnectivity between various sites and services. From RSS feeds that bring personalized news information straight to the never-ending web of social media outlets, there is an incessant drive to keep people connected. No site is as committed to this trend of continuous updates than Twitter, and they have recently made this easier than ever for their users with an official “tweet button.”

Twitter developed the button as a way for internet users to count how many times an article has been retweeted and to give readers an easy means of propagating information. Up until the release of the button, which originally reported on last week, TweetMeme had been the sharing service of choice for Twitter users, with about 750 million retweets per day. The company will now be teaming up with Twitter to improve the functionality of the button and troubleshoot some of the inevitable problems that will arise following its debut.

The tweet button is currently available for download at the Twitter website. Users are able to choose from different tweet counters and can even design their own tweet button. As you would imagine, the app is incredibly easy to use. Simply click on the button and a new window will open with the source and a link to the article already included in a tweet. You can then add your own personal text if you wish, and that’s it. If you’re a visual learner, you can view a video of the process here.

Up until recently, Twitter has relied on many third-party developers when it came to creating news apps and software for the site, so this is a noticeable divergence from their traditional model. They have also developed their own tool for shortening URLs—a necessary function with limited character space. Hopefully this is new strategy will be able to generate some revenue for the company somehow, which has been one of the biggest snags for Twitter up to this point.

Facebook and other social media sites have made a concerted effort to make the dissemination of information easier for users, and the tweet button seems like a rational step in the evolution of the Twitter. MySpace—you remember them, right?—recently announced a new makeover for their site which, unsurprisingly, will have an increased emphasis on news feeds and the sharing of information.

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