Facebook Changes Code to Block Out Adblock Workarounds

ad blockWhile spending time on Facebook is fun, many people feel that the ads that appear all over Facebook are annoying. This has caused many Facebook users to look for ways to block ads that show up on this particular social media site. As a result, Facebook and Adblock Plus are engaged in a battle to help their users.


A few days ago, Facebook announced that they were going to be restricting software that removed the advertising displayed on Facebook. Shortly thereafter, Adblock came up with a workaround that would allow its users to again use their software to block ads on Facebook. This lead to a further update from Facebook making it so that the workaround was useless.


Facebook claims that part of the problem is that with the Adblock workaround many of the posts from friends were blocked in addition to the ads. Of course, whether this was the case or not, Facebook would not stand to benefit from any software that would block ads as they make money from the ads that display on the page. As a result, they attempt to stop software like Adblock from being used on their site.


While Facebook has currently managed to keep up with changes to ad blocking software, there is no telling whether they will be able to keep up in the same way in the future. It could be challenging for them to continue updating their website to make it so that users cannot use this software in the future. By taking quick action Facebook is establishing themselves as a site that is not to be messed with.


Of course, in all likelihood the battle will continue. The ad-blocking community is upset with Facebook’s latest change and feels that this will make it so that user choice is not a priority. They plan to continue working to make it so that they are able to slip through Facebook’s software blocking. Both Facebook and Adblock will have to work hard to come up the winner in this particular battle.

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