Online Video Views Up 50% On Some Sites

viral-videoA new report from comScore shows that online video views are up compared to the same time last year.  And in fact YouTube, the leader in online video, had views up 50% compared to January 2009.  

In January more than 32.4 billion videos were viewed in the US alone online.  YouTube, owned by Google, had 12.8 billion viewed videos, taking up roughly 39.5% of all viewed online videos.  ComScore reported that the average YouTube visitor watched an average of 94 videos throughout the month of January. That means there were about 136.2 million YouTube viewers in the US (that’s give or take 44% of the entire US population).

Most people tune into Hulu, the second most popular online viewing spot, to catch up on thier television shows.  comScore reported 903 million videos viewed during the month of January. 


As astonishing as those numbers sound, Mashable’s Samuel Axon is reporting that those numbers are actually down compared to December’s videos views.  However he credits holiday videos specials to help with that.

“It’s not a big decline,” said Axon. “And we already saw in one of our monthly top webisode round-ups that special holiday content can boost viewership during December, so we know that this probably isn’t indicative of a downward trend.”

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