Twitter Founder: Site Not for Sale

twitternotsaleTwitter co-founder Biz Stone assured reporters Monday that, contrary to popular belief, the microblogging website is not up for sale, and there are no plans for a sale.  However, Stone said Twitter may eventually go public on the stock market for funding if necessary.

“We are definitely not interested in selling the company,” he said.  Later on he suggested that Twitter could eventually eye an initial public offering (IPO). “If an IPO’s the only thing, then sure. But if there is some other way, then that would be great too. Maybe some other new way will emerge.”

The three year old social network has already made some revenue and would seriously start focusing more on that next year. “2010 is really going to be the revenue year. I don’t know if we’re going to be profitable, but we have plenty of time,” Stone said.

Unfortunately, Stone refused to release any information on how exactly Twitter would start implementing advertisements next year on its site to its users, but he suggested that it would be very different than how one might expect. 

When asked how he expected users to take the change of advertisements he said, “Everyone’s going to love it. It’s going to be amazing.”

Twitter is currently one of the fastest growing sites on the web, with about 23 million daily users.

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