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Website owners have a variety of programs that they can take advantage of to increase their online revenue and drive additional traffic to their site. The most popular of these is through Google, utilizing their two basic advertising services Google AdSense and Google AdWords. Both of these provide excellent opportunities to take advantage of Google’s huge advertising network for positive online results.

Google AdSenseGoogle AdSense: In terms of simplicity, integration and control, no online advertising program rivals Google’s AdSense program. Essentially, Google AdSense provides website owners with the ability to place relevant ads on their sites and earn revenue when the visitors to their site click on one of the ads. Google AdSense is free for website owners upon approval from Google and is easy to setup and customize.

Once a website owner becomes an AdSense publisher, implementing the ads is a simple procedure where a block of html is copied and pasted into the website. Once completed, relevant targeted ads start showing up on the website and are ready to start making the publisher money. The best thing about Google AdSense is the extent of the advertiser network that is available to publishers. There are ads available for every type of business imaginable, from major companies to small local businesses and everything in between. The publisher has a good deal of control over which ads are displayed on their site, including filters for competing and inappropriate ads. AdSense publishers also have the ability to customize the look of the ads to ensure they integrate well into the overall design and feel of their website. One of the best ways to utilize Google AdSense is on an information based website, like a business blog. Because the blog isn’t directly trying to sell products online, AdSense provides a method for converting visitors to revenue.

Google AdWordsGoogle AdWords: All website owners know that driving relevant, targeted traffic to their site is at the core of any successful online business. This traffic has a better chance of converting and providing a higher return on investment (ROI). The Google AdWords program allows website owners to target their traffic through Google’s extensive advertising network, including ads on search engine result pages as well as relevant websites participating in the AdSense program. At the root of the AdWords program is an auction-based bidding system that allows advertisers to keep costs at a minimum and focus their campaign on specific keywords.

To start an Adwords campaign, the advertiser must first setup a Google AdWords account, write their brief advertisement, and decide on what kind of keyword phrases they’d like users to be researching when their ad is displayed. Once selected, the advertiser will decide how much they’d like to pay for every time their ad is clicked or their cost for a certain number of ad impressions. When the campaign is active, Google will display the ads on the right side of search engine result pages that appear after specific searches are performed or on relevant websites that have been pre-approved for the AdSense program. The more advertisers are willing to pay, the higher their ads are displayed in search results and the more traffic they subsequently receive. Advertisers will only pay when a user visits their website.

It’s important to remember that being specific with keyword choices will be much more beneficial in an AdWords campaign. For example, if a website sells electronics, it’s more beneficial to bring in a user who is searching for a specific brand or model than someone just searching for “electronics”. The former will be less frequent but more likely to be a potential buyer. Google AdWords can be an excellent way to supplement website traffic and see immediate results while waiting for other marketing campaigns to show results.

To learn more or sign up for either Google AdSense or Google AdWords, click the boxes on the top right side of the page.


  • Sarah

    I have used Google adwords in the past and I have seen some success. I was using a software called glyphius to score my ads to give me a boost. The problem is that there is nothing permanent going on when you use this method of advertisement. I highly recommend combining it with article marketing to generate some permanent links.

  • Kris

    I agree that running an AdWords campaign requires constant maintenance. With the shopping habits of todays consumers, a return on investment requires a knowledge of how AdWords works and how to get the most out of it, which usually involves a learning curve. Certainly adding article marketing like you mentioned is a great method to add permanent links, along with business blogs, social bookmarking and press releases. Marketers shouldn’t put their eggs in one basket but instead use a comprehensive approach to seeing consistent results.

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