The China Google Battle Ending Soon?

google-chinaflagWhile things for the most part have been quiet for awhile between Google and China, Google’s business partners in China are loosing patience with Google, wanting to know if the company will stay in China or it will go.

27 Chineses companies, all whom are advertisers on, wrote what is described as an “emotional letter.”   The businesses say the no longer wish to be kept in the dark on Google’s plans. 

Going further into the letter addressed to John Liu, Google’s top executive in China, the companies say they have been “worried and anxious” since Google first announced they may leave China back in January.   

“We see business sliding, but there is nothing we can do … We are waiting now in incomparable pain and disquiet,” the letter said. “Now is the time to act … we can’t wait any more.”

Several of the companies have said they have seen a employee’s worrying with some of them leaving the company for fear that Google will leave.  Google threatened to leave China and quit censoring its  site although, Chinese law requires Internet operators to censor information for sexual or political content.

Marsha Wang, Google’s China spokeswoman told CNN that the company has been quiet because there haven’t been any updates to share because the position between China and Google has not moved. 

“We don’t have anything new to share regarding the negotiation,” Wang said.  “Right now, there is no timetable about the negotiation. If there is anything new, we will tell the media then.”

Under Chinese laws, internet operators in the country are expected to renew their license to have operations with in China by the end of March.  Wang wouldn’t comment whether the company plans to renew its license. “Usually the re-registration will be carried out in March as required by the Chinese government,” she said. “Right now we don’t have any update.”

Some say that even if Google tried to renew their license, they would be rejected by the government.  If Google leaves China, the Chinese people won’t be affected much since most use, the countries most popular search engine.


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  • Mmoosdo

    Google quietly submitted license renewal app
    ball is now in at In China’s hands

  • Mmoosdo

    China is going to deny the application. Bai Bai do google!

  • Mmoosdo

    Why does hacking has anything to do with censorship? Everyone (Sites) gets hacked all the time! Most Chinese computers are zoombies that’s why most attacks came from china – they got hacked first!

    Now google wants to give up a huge market because the fortunate brain dead Brin gets angry? He thinks he’s an Internet god? How freaking arrogant to standup against a country. Every country has their own rules. If google really wants to stop censoring, what about censorship it has for other countries? China is not along but why is google picking on china along.
    This is so freaking unreal! It sounds like a mad got hit (with hacking) and desparate to get even or threat to get even.

    Don’t be evil my arse. Think how much money these pigs made in the past and they are not even clean today.


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