Is Google Done In China?

Signs that Google is dead in China are on the rise.  Reports out this morning from all over the country say that users are only getting error messages when they conduct searches.  Typically only controversial searches like “Tienanmen Square massacre” are blocked, but simple searches like “the” and “happy” are blocked as well. 

The Wall Street Journal said, “Internet users reported new disruptions to Google Inc. Internet search services in China on Tuesday afternoon, with many saying they are unable to search for any term on the Google site.” 

Some reports suggest that this is an error.  WebProNews found Twitter users who suggest that the problem could be caused by an automatic blocking program.  “A number of Chinese Twitter users have suggested that the problem’s been caused by an automated program noticing the letters “RFA” (as in Radio Free Asia) in results pages’ URLs.”

No statement from Google or the Chinese government has been made at this time.  As always, iePlexus will stay on top of the story and post any new details as they become available.

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