Mobile Google Unlocked In China

In a bit of a extremely quiet week in the social media and search worlds, finally a bit of news.  Small and new developments coming from the China-Google saga.

For the past week, Google has reported on their “Mainland China service availability” page that mobile searches were partially blocked, however as of late last night, Google is entirely available on mobile devices. 

Doug Cavely of WebProNews said, “Assuming the yellow wrench doesn’t reappear tomorrow, this development may represent a significant breakthrough.  Even a sort of victory for Google, if the Chinese government has decided not to follow through on some rather harsh statements about lawbreakers being ‘unfriendly, irresponsible,’ and having ‘to pay the consequences.'”

Some experts predict that another service which is full operations could fall back soon, while others say tension between the search engine giant and the country is healing.  As always, iePlexus will stay on top of the story and bring you any new details as they become available.

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