Say What? There’s An App For That

saywhat-appGoing from Twitter to Digg to your best friend’s blog and searching for what’s happening and trying to keep up with the latest gossip can be quite challenging. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some search tool that would search all the social media sites and let you know what’s happening with topics I was curious about? Well now there’s an app for that. iCrossing, a digital media agency released an application for iPhones on Monday called “Say What?.” The app is easiestly described as a search engine for social media sites and finds the most recent postings for that topic.

The app is actually very user friendly and simple to use. Let’s say you want to know the latest news or gossip on a certain celebrity. Let’s take Taylor Swift for example. You open the app, and up pop’s the search menu, where you’ll type in “Taylor Swift” and then hit search. Within a matter of a few seconds, a list of the latest tweets, diggs, blogs, and comments in forums that have Taylor Swift in their text appears. The app is broken down into the four social media categories where you can go further and not only read more of what that user or blog is saying but also find other tweets, diggs, etc on the same topic, Taylor Swift in our case. If you want to actually read the blog or see more tweets from a certain user that shows up on the search, Say What? actually links you to that person’s page.

Rachel Pasqua, iCrossing’s director of mobile strategy said, “iCrossing developed Say What? to demonstrate how search, social media and mobile can work together to provide users with information that is real-time and relevant. Our goal was to put one-click social media monitoring in the palm of the user’s hand.”

Overall the app is a great search tool if you are looking to find something you are intersted in. It doesn’t give you a list of what people are currently searching for or what some of the hot topics are, but that will come in time.

“Say What?” is currently available on iTunes for free.

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