Cyber Monday Sales Better Than Expected

081201_cyber_monday1Results are already pouring in from yesterday’s Cyber Monday sales.  While sales were expected to fall compared to last year, they actually grew 13.7%, a significant increase considering the current economy. 

The report comes from Coremetrics Inc, a web analyst company based out of California.  The report also indicated that people spent more money for online sales Monday, compared to Black Friday.

  • Cyber Monday continued the momentum set by Black Friday.  Sales were up 24.1 percent compared to Black Friday 2009.
  • Consumers spent more per online order ($180.03 versus $170.19 for an increase of 5.8 percent) compared to Black Friday 2009.
  • Sales were up 13.7 percent compared to Cyber Monday 2008
  • The average dollar amount consumers spent per online order rose 38.2 percent from Cyber Monday 2008 ($180.03 versus $130.24), led by apparel retailers.
  • Consumers bought nearly 10 percent more items per order on Cyber Monday 2009 compared to Black Friday 2009 and nearly 30 percent more compared to Cyber Monday 2008.
  • Consumer shopping hit its peak from 9-10 a.m. PST, but maintained stronger momentum throughout the day than on Cyber Monday 2008.

While Black Friday sales also did exceptionally well, many are wondering if this holiday season is a sign that the economy is getting stronger.  While online shopping is becoming more popular and companies are offering exclusive deals on sites like Facebook and Twitter, this really could be a good sign.  Only time will tell.  Online retailers are expected to continue offering deals throughout the next few weeks gearing up for Christmas Day.

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