YouTube Video Targeting Launches

videosAdvertising on YouTube is becoming a common marketing strategy.  And why shouldn’t it?  With a billion video views a day, it’s a great way to connect with millions of people world wide.

This year YouTube has had some pretty amazing viral video.  From 7 year old David wondering if he was in “real life” after a trip to the dentists office, to the JK Wedding Entrance, and even helping the worldwide sensation of Susan Boyleafter her audition on Britain’s Got Talent.  Just the three videos above have more than 150 million views together.  While those were some of the most watched videos of 2009, viral marketing will be making a larger impact in 2010. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your advertisements on those videos reaching millions of people?

YouTube unvieledYouTube Video Targeting last week, which enables you to choose which videos you want your advertisements to be on.  That itself is amazing idea, especially if you’re able to get a spot on some of the top videos.  The company also said that there will be new targeting options which will help narrow down the selection of videos, based on “keywords (like politics or fashion), viewer demographics (like age and gender), interest-based categories or some combination of the three.”

While the feature is in beta mode with some of YouTube’s closest advertisers, by simply going to, users can check the new feature out, as long as you have a Google account.  YouTube is expecting to make major profits from the new feature, however the company has yet to release how much this will actually cost advertisers.

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