iePlexus Social Media News Brief: Feb. 19, 2010

Facebook accomplished a few major accomplishments in January according to recent surveys, and could the tree in your front yard soon be twittering?! Get up to date on today’s social media news brief!

This week, the Nielsen polling company released the results of a survey from January which shows that American’s spend most of their online time on Facebook.  In fact, the average US internet user spent more time on the social network than Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Amazon combined.  The average time spent on Facebook for the month was roughly 7 hours, 1 minute and 41 seconds.  And although Google remains to be the most visited site on the web, most internet users spent an average of one hour, 23 minutes and 54 seconds on the site.  In a different survey by, the company said that Facebook passed Yahoo as the second most visited site on the web, with about 133.6 million unique views.

 We all have wondered “if walls could talk.”  But what if the tree in your front yard could tweet how they feel?  It could soon happen thanks to the folks at Ericsson.  This is the first live twittering Orange Tree. When someone approaches the Twittering Tree, it’s sensors translations information about the particular movement, which then activates a number of responses such as lights, speech and tweets its own tweets to its own twitter account.  Ericsson envisions 5 billion connected devices by 2020.  If you want to start following the tree on Twitter, its user name is @connectedtree.

 And who said drunks can’t sing well.  This week’s viral video definatly disproves that.  The video was a commercial that aired last weekend during a soccer match in the UK.  They used real soccer or I guess we should sayFootball, along with a few professional singers, to sing to their other halves on Valentines Day.  The group sang Savage Garden’s “Truly Madly Deeply.”

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