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nycLast week, both Google & Microsoft announced they were teaming up with Twitter to bring real time search updates to their sites.  While Google still has yet to release the real time updates, the search engine site did launch it’s Social Search feature yesterday afternoon on Google’s Experimental Search.

Google created the Social Search because they know that your friends and contacts are an important part and influence on your life and wanted to make it easier to help you find your friends.  Many surveys have said that personal reviews of items from friends which are frequently posted on social networking sites influence a person’s decision if they want to purchase or obtain that specific item.  However, when you have hundreds or thousands of social networking friends, it can be a little hard to keep up with what everyone is saying.

Let’s say for instance you are considering taking a vacation later this year.  You have a few places in mind, but you really can’t decide where you want to go.  When you are doing your research and decide to Google “New York City” for example, hundreds of millions of responses are going to come back.  And somewhere in there, is a friend’s blog and photo’s from a recent trip to the Big Apple.  However, there is no way you are going to search every single page, however at the bottom of the first page there will be a section dedicated to: Results from people in your social circle for… 

“All the information that appears as part of Google Social Search is published publicly on the web,” says Google’s Blog, “you can find it without Social Search if you really want to. What we’ve done is surface that content together in one single place to make your results more relevant.”
To actually experiment with Social Search, you’ll need to create a public Google profile and link your social networks.  Google doesn’t know when and if they’ll actually release this as a regular feature on the site, but it is likely since their blog does say, “we’ve been using it at Google and the results have been exciting.”

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