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choice-checksEven in an age of debit cards and credit cards, checks are something that most people use on a regular basis. Whether you’re paying your rent, your utility bill, or a friend that you owe for dinner, most people dig out their checkbooks for all those purchases where plastic can’t be used. Online entrepreneur David Hamlen acknowledged this fact and built his web business,, around this popular product line.

“I developed this site because I was writing so many personal checks myself,” said Hamlen. “I did some research and figured out how much I could save per check if they were purchased in bulk.”

After developing the basic idea that he wanted to carry personal and business checks as well as check accessories and accounting software, Hamlen recognized that there was still a great deal of work to be done before launching a fully functioning web business.

“I took a year of planning and analysis and decided what market I wanted to focus on,” said Hamlen. “I started this process in 2005, and my site didn’t launch until March 2006.”

Entering into his business with the aim of catering to his customers, Hamlen decided to differentiate himself from other check companies with his variety.

“This business started from a personal need, so I decided to make my website have everything I would want in a business,” said Hamlen. “That’s why I offer up to 25 different colors for checks, and I decided to call it ‘Choice Checks’ for the variety of checks available.”

Realizing that many people obtain their personal and business checks from their bank, Hamlen knew he’d have stiff competition in the check arena. With that in mind, Hamlen became interested in ways to set his website apart.

“I heard about iePlexus and the services they offer such as the press release. I heard about all the good that could do,” said Hamlen. “I also heard about the benefits of the business blog. I realized there were no negative consequences, except for the little bit of time it takes.”

Bringing his trademark dedication to this new avenue of his business,, Hamlen jumped feet first into one of the most vital elements of the iePlexus Web 2.0 Plus program.

“I haven’t missed a day of blogging since I got started with my blog. I’ve done one or two posts a day, and I’ve also gone onto other small business forums and accounting forums, where I’ve left input with my URL,” said Hamlen. “I’ve found everything about iePlexus to be easy and simple to use, and I’ve received great service.”

Thanks to Hamlen’s commitment to blogging, he saw concrete results in a relatively short amount of time.

“I started to see results in a two month timeframe,” said Hamlen. “I saw a steady incline of customers and sales. When sales started coming in, I delivered the product quickly, and my customers spread the word, which also contributed to my company’s growth.”

“From January to March, I doubled my monthly sales,” Hamlen continued. “Every month, I’ve been exceeding or meeting the sales of the previous month. With iePlexus, I’m always beating the previous month.”

In terms of the future, Hamlen has many goals, both for the long term and the short term.

“Within two years or less, I will need a larger warehouse or a bigger office, which gives you an idea of my growth since joining iePlexus,” said Hamlen. “In the long term, I want to become the largest check printing company that still offers a professional product with quick and fast customer service.”

Utilizing iePlexus to get customers to his website, Hamlen relies on his customer service to secure repeat customers.

“I strive to offer same day shipping for many of my customers, and three to five business days for the shipping of imprinted checks,” said Hamlen. “It’s just one of the ways I emphasize customer service. And with the help of iePlexus, I’ve built my website to a point where I can bring this customer service to many people.”

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