This Week In Social Media: November 25, 2009

This Week In Social Media: Nov. 25, 2009 iePlexus from iePlexus on Vimeo.

From Rupert Murdoch teaming up with Mircosoft, to celeberating TweetsGiving this is what happened this week in the world of social media and on the world wide web. 

Two weeks ago, we told you about Rupert Murdoch plans to take News Corp websites off of Google.  This week, Murdoch has teamed up with Mircosoft, to remove sites, such as the Wall Street Journal off Google News, and to prominently show them on Microsoft’s search engine, Bing.  A Financial Times article this week says that Microsoft has approached other big online publishers to persuade them to remove their sites from Google as well.  As of right now the MediaNews Group and A.H. Belo have also decided to take their sites off of Google.  Google is not worried about this though saying in a statement that Google News Sites are not a major source of how the company generates revenue. 

After much speculation, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone assured reporters on Monday that the microblogging website is not up for sale. However, Stone said Twitter may eventually go public on the stock market for funding if necessary. Saying “We are definitely not interested in selling the company. If an initial public offerings the only thing, then sure. But if there is some other way, then that would be great too.” The three year old social network has already started making revenue and Stone said that the company will make a more serious focus on that next year.  Unfortunately, Stone refused to release any information on how Twitter would exactly start implementing advertisements on its site, but he suggested that Twitter users would be very happy with it and love it and it would be very different than how one might expect. Twitter is currently one of the fastest growing sites on the web, with 23 million monthly users. 

While many are gearing up for Thanksgiving, one charity is gearing up for TweetsGiving.  That’s right, last year, Tweetsgiving was created and the social media world help raise close to $11,000 to build a classroom in Tanzania. This year the Thanksgiving Twitter-themed charity event is back in action and hopes to raise more than $100,000 to build an additional classroom, along with a library, cafeteria, and dormitory for the school. If you are looking to get involved and participate in TweetsGiving, it’s very simple.  All you need to do is share what you are thankful for through Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, and use the hashtag #tweetsgiving, along with linking  As of noon Wednesday, the charity has raised just under $17,000. 

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