iePlexus Social Media News Brief: March 10, 2010


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The latest report from comScore shows that online video views are up compared to this time last year.  And in fact YouTube, the leader in online video, had views up 50% compared to 2009.  In January alone more than 32.4 billion videos were viewed in the US.  YouTube had 12.8 billion viewed videos during the month, taking up roughly 39.5% of all viewed online videos.  ComScore reported that the average YouTube visitor watched an average of 94 videos throughout the month. Meaning that YouTube has a population of about 136.2 million users, that’s give or take 44% of the entire US population. Hulu was the second most popular site for online viewing, with 903 million video views during the month.  A list and a link to the full report can be found on our blog.

If you were on Twitter on Tuesday, you may have noticed a small change.  The button to submit a tweet, which normally says Update, said Tweet. But this morning users woke up to the Update button once again.  That’s just one of the many changes the microblogging website is making, however the company has not made any public announcements, other than they are beefing up security to try to avoid those phising scams the site continues to have.  We’ll keep you updated on the changes Twitter continues to make.

A few viral videos to share with you this week.  The Olympics maybe over but that’s not stopping these folks in Barcelona Spain from practicing their curling.  It is rare for the city to get any snow, but occasionally, like on Monday, it happens.  These folks decided to make a cross walk in the city their own curling court.  It looks like they won there, and crazy weather also happening in Melbourne, Australia this week.  The video posted on YouTube, literally shows what looks like a street which turned into a river after a sudden monsoon storm.  The description in the videos says minutes before there were blue skies and no sign of any water coming from anywhere.  The video has been viewed more than 170,000 times.  And then you know when there is bad weather, you are bound to be stuck at the airport.  19 year old Ashley Klinger , recently had to spend the night at Pittsburgh International Airport after a weather delay caused her to miss her connecting flight.  Since she had the airport to her self for most of her 10 hours while she was there, she created this video of herself doing various activities at the airport.  The video instantly went viral and has had more than half a million views.

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