April 2008

“Last week we sold five fans, three of them were on one order!”

Client TestimonialHey iePlexus,

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how things are going. Last week we sold five fans, three of them were on one order! This week has been a little slower as we have only sold two, but I have been working with someone who’s house burned down and is now rebuilding. She wants to put one of our fans in each of the bedrooms (4 total).

The real news for the week though is that we finally found the graphics to make a Hannah Montana fan. I just listed it on the website today and annouced its arrival on the blog. With the number of requests we have been receiving over the past couple of weeks for this, we expect it to sell really well. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Talk to you soon,



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Welcome to our New Website

iePlexus.com WebsiteWelcome to the new iePlexus.com website! After much feedback and development, we’ve created a completely new website for our company. The new site has been 100% designed and developed in WordPress, one of the easiest and most flexible website management systems available today.

With this new site, we want to provide as much information about our company, services and the industry as possible. We hope it will be a resource for industry experts as well as our clients, so that anyone can access all the information they need about whatever aspect of business blogging or internet marketing they’re interested in. We’ve added some great features that will allow interaction with our employees, more insight into all the facets of our company, and tools for our clients to use that will help with the overall success of their online businesses.

“Thanks for doing such a great job on my press release.”

Client TestimonialHi iePlexus,
Thanks for doing such a great job on my press release. I really like it a lot. Feel free to release it at any time.

Yours truly


You did a really great job! and captured the essence of our conversation. Your reputation is well-deserved (re: positive customer comments on iePlexus site).

Thanks again,

LOOKS GREAT– Thank you iePlexus

Sue Petrelli

*NOTE: Please do not contact any clients without prior written authorization from iePlexus. Thank you.

Business Blogs and the Media

Business Week - Blogs Will Change Your BusinessWhen the phenomenon of blogs first started, they were simply a way for people to post their personal thoughts on the web, like an online diary. Blogs were bulky, had little features and were difficult to incorporate into a business. The few pioneers in the industry knew from the beginning however, that blogs would explode into the most effective form of communication on the web. These days, you can’t escape blogs if you spend any time online at all. Along the way, blogs emerged as an effective business tool and the media began to acknowledge the profound effect they’re having on the way we do business.

Countless articles have been written about the astounding effect blogs have had on business. Many chronicle the story of a small business with an innovative product that was picked up by bloggers and spread across the blogosphere in a matter of hours, resulting in an enormous buzz that led to extensive financial benefits. Businesses have been built on blogs, some emerging in a few days just through this aspect of utilizing blogs and viral marketing to get the word out.  This article highlights one of those stories.

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