April 2010

Facebook Decals Coming to a Business Near You

Whether it’s your favorite cupcake shop, the car dealership down the street or the place where you get your coffee every morning, it appears that neighborhood businesses nationwide have jumped onto the social-media bandwagon. Facebook, in particular, has become one of the most essential tools in business advertising and marketing; and now, the social network is moving from the web to storefront windows.

Tim Kendall, Facebook’s director of product marketing, sent a letter to the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, Calif. this week, which also included a Facebook decal, to say:

“We invite you to place it prominently on your window or sales counter, since businesses that promote their Page off-Facebook tend to see a 20 percent or greater increase in connections.” (more…)

Blogging with Duplicate Content Proves to be Counterproductive

If you’re thinking of using duplicate content for your blog posts, you might want to rethink this strategy if your goal is to create the most effective blog possible. Duplicate content is created when people visit different places on the Internet, such as Wikipedia or Ezinearticles.com, copy an article and paste it on their blog, pretending they wrote the text.

The problem develops when the search engine spiders try to index this duplicated post you have published. The spiders will recognize that the information reads verbatim to that of another source or multiple sources, depending on how many other webmasters have already copied this information. (more…)

Blippy Users’ Credit Card Numbers Found on Google Search

While shopping online has become second nature to many, it is still very risky. Last week a number of Blippy – a social networking service that allows users to share what online purchases they’ve made with friends – users’ credit card numbers were exposed in Google search results. 

Blippy users who share their bank account information have done so with the assumption that this information will remain confidential. However, more than 125 users had their bank accounts breached. (more…)

Facebook Coming To A Website Near You


The social in social media and social network is about to become even more social. On Wednesday, Facebook announced they will be reaching out to other sites around the world in order to bring the web together. What does that exactly mean and how will it impact everyone’s Internet experience? Let’s explore this notion.

Most avid Facebook users are familiar with the “Like” button, which usually shows that they’re interested in a friend’s status updates, photos or links. According to Facebook, the average user clicks “Like” on at least nine pieces of content each month. (more…)

10 Nations Worried About Google Privacy

Leaders of data protection from 10 nations – Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom – have written a letter to Google CEO Eric Schmidt expressing their concern about some of the privacy issues connected with a few of Google’s services, specifically Google Buzz and Google Street View.

“We were disturbed by your recent rollout of the Google Buzz social networking application, which betrayed a disappointing disregard for fundamental privacy norms and laws,” the letter stated. “In essence, you took Google Mail (Gmail), a private, one-to-one web-based e-mail service and converted it into a social networking service, raising concern among users that their personal information was being disclosed.” (more…)

Facebook To Link Profiles & Pages Together

Facebook announced Monday that they will roll out a new feature designed to connect all user interests and Fan Pages in what the company is calling Community Pages. At the end of March, the social network removed the “Become a Fan” option from Fan Pages and changed it to “Like” so that users could “openly express” themselves, explained Alex Li, a Facebook software engineer, who wrote in a company blog post that the Community Pages are linked to the new Like term. 

“Community Pages are a new type of Facebook page dedicated to a topic or experience that is owned collectively by the community connected to it,” Li writes. (more…)

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