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Traveling Through Time With Location Based Technologies

It’s been a slow week across the social media and search engine world.  Most of the online hype has been about the iPad, which came out over the weekend.  Other than that, nothing.

Mashable.com has been doing a great job of keeping their readers entertained with social media news with a few infographics.  Yesterday, I shared one of those with you, comparing Facebook’s American population to the actual countries population.  Today, I decided to share with you “The History of Location Technology.” (more…)

Facebook Could Go Local

By know, I’m almost certain you’ve heard of FourSquare or Gowalla.  You may recall I introduced what I like to call the “new social media” or “location based networking”, back in Januaryand just at the beginning of the month I told you about a business who used FourSquare to increase their profits by 110%.

Now it seems that Facebook wants to get on board by allowing people to add their location onto their Facebook profiles.  Although there are no official plans to add the feature to join the number one site in the US, the company said in a blog post on Friday afternoon they have ideas which are very exciting.   (more…)

How Many People Just Joined Foursquare?!

foursquareI’ve been talking about Foursquare a few times this year, and how both companies and consumers are taking advantage of the locationed based social network and app.   Foursquare gain popularity over the past year, and had roughly about 500,000 users last week.  A half-million users isn’t bad, but it looks like the network is growing now at rapid speed.  With the South by SouthWest festival happening right now in Austin, Texas, Foursquare has gained “100,000 users” in the past 11 days. 

The company tweeted right before their new 100,000 user saying they were almost there.  The company also says that there has been a surge of friend requests on Foursquare, so users can see where there friends are actually at.  (more…)

New Social Media Helps Haiti

gowallaYou may recall last month I shared with you an article on how you should be using  new social media.  I had mentioned a few smart phone applications, including GoWalla, which allows you to check into locations, obtaining items and points in a location based game against your friends. 

Now the new localized social media is donating $50 for each check-in at three different San Fransisco Bay area locations.  Those locations include Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Emeryville, CA from 11:30AM until 1:30PM, along with Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Mill Valley, CA from 2:30PM to 4:30PM and Infusion Lounge in downtown San Fransisco between 5-7PM.  Those who check in and go to the Infusion Lounge will be treated to a free concert by the Barenaked Ladies, although a donation is suggested.  All the money will go directly to the Red Cross. (more…)