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Blogging with Duplicate Content Proves to be Counterproductive

If you’re thinking of using duplicate content for your blog posts, you might want to rethink this strategy if your goal is to create the most effective blog possible. Duplicate content is created when people visit different places on the Internet, such as Wikipedia or, copy an article and paste it on their blog, pretending they wrote the text.

The problem develops when the search engine spiders try to index this duplicated post you have published. The spiders will recognize that the information reads verbatim to that of another source or multiple sources, depending on how many other webmasters have already copied this information. (more…)

The Birdhouse Chick Sings of Success After Teaming with iePlexus

birdhousechick1(2)Swirls of olive, jade and green apple flourish among the gently rolling hills of kudzu and shrubbery, bordered by skyscrapers of wooded terrain. Delicate bursts of lavender, peach and magenta botanicals highlight the abundance of leafy greens to create a collage of splendorous nature.

Embraced by the warmth of the Deep South – Dallas, GA to be exact – this little piece of paradise is home to an array of wildlife; mostly birds and squirrels that have nestled into the birdhouses and birdbaths that adorn this cozy backyard. Following suit of invitation, the garden welcomes small creatures and critters alike with a collection of bird feeders, birdbaths and squirrel feeders.

This nature wonderland is additionally home to property owner Beth Wheeler, an avid birdwatcher and all-around animal lover. For the past 20-plus years she has enjoyed the relaxation birding allows; whether perched in her backyard or gazing through the kitchen window, her passion for observing the essence of nature provides an escape from the every day hustle and bustle, Wheeler explained.


More Blogs = More Customers

blog_logo1Hubspot released an interesting survey Thursday, which stated that companies who blog more, have more consistent sales.  The survey consisted of 231 professionals who were either involved or familiar with their companies marketing strategy and plan. 

According to the report, “social media and blogs are becoming marketing powerhouses.  They are the fastest growing category in lead generation budgets and they continue to be ranked as the lowest cost lead- generation channel.” (more…)

Even The Pope Knows To Blog

popesocialmediaI think, no matter your religion, if Pope Benedict XVI says something important, everyone listens.  Over the weekend And the 82 year old shockingly sent out a message to most specifically Catholic priests over the weekend saying they must no longer just have a website sharing the word of God, but they also need to blog and use social media. 

A few years ago, the 265th Pope of the Catholic Church started to embrass social media with his own YouTube channel, and most recently released both a Facebook and iPhone app(more…)

Social Media Helps Victims In Haiti

haitiearthquakeWhen there seems to be some type of major catastrophe anywhere in the world, it seems like everything else just stops and everyone wants to help.  Yesterday’s 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti is just the latest example.

And many people are finding that social media sites are the best way to get involved.  With the use of social media, the citizens of Haiti can tell the story, if they are actually able to get an internet connection.  Many have however.  Jonathan A. Lusma, a victim of the Haiti earthquake, posted the picture to the left on CNN’s citizen journalism site, iReport.  Katie Hawkins-Gaar, a CNN iReport producer, talked to Lusma and said that he, “shot these photos on the morning of January 13, the day after the earthquake struck. Because of the multiple aftershocks, he said many people spent the night outside of their homes.”  Lusma’s photo’s are just one of many that are being used in CNN’s continuing coverage of the Haiti earthquake.  (more…)

Your Own iPhone App: There’s An App For That

ieplexusphoneIt seems that there’s an app for just about everything.  Whether you are looking to play a game, trying to keep track of your finances, search the latest trends in the social media world, or even make new friends, there’s an app for it.   And with several apps profiting in the 7 digit range, everyone is trying to create an app for something or another. But actually building an app takes time and money, unless you have the skills of an advanced developer.  But now anyone can create an app for a pretty affordable option.

A service known as AppMakr launched this week, and promises to help you create an application for iTunes.  That means parts of your website could be turned into an application for iPods & iPhones alike.  Sharing news, your Twitter feed, video blogs, and just about anything else you can think of could now be part of your very own app. (more…)

Social Media In The New Decade

fexit10 years ago at this moment, the world was relieved that nothing that they had feared about, regarding Y2K actually happened.  People were now placing their money back into the bank, while others had an endless supply of food they had stocked up on just in case.  It’s crazy to think that if someone would have said “Facebook”, “YouTube”, “Digg”, or just the words “social media,” we most likely would have given them a funny and strange look. 

It was in 2004 when social media was created.  Linkdin & MySpace took to the web and since then there has been explosion of “social media” & “social networking” sites.  When I graduated high school in 2005, if had ever wanted to share a video with the class for a certain project, I’d have to visit the library, maybe a video store, and rent the video, while worrying about some return date.  Today, my brother who is in his sophomore year of high school is able to use YouTube to share a video with just the click of a mouse.  Our world has advanced so much in the past decade, and social media has played a significant role! (more…) Fights Back Against &

shortYesterday was a big day for Facebook & Google, as they both announced they were releasing their own shortening services.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post this creates some major competition for exclusive shortening service websites like and  While that remains true, is fighting back in a major way.

In a blog post released Monday evening, the company announced Pro account.  While it may not seem like such a big deal, it’s what the account offers which is going to attract a lot of businesses and bloggers.  (more…)

Blogging Drives 55 Percent More Traffic to Sites

blogBlogging on your company website could help you bring in more traffic. At least that’s what HubSpot is saying after a recent survey. The company sampled 1,531 HubSpot customers, most of which were small- to mid-sized businesses.  Roughly 52 percent, or 795 businesses, had blogs on their sites, while the remaining 736 did not. 

The study shows that companies with blogs received 55 percent more traffic than with those without. If you are wondering why it is so important to have more visitors to your site, HubSpot says it’s “because more visitors mean more people to convert to leads and sales.” (more…)

Google Sites Makes Site Building Much Easier

00-google-sites-homepage1Last month, we told you about Yahoo shutting down Geocities.  Google has not wasted any time taking advantage of their free Web hosting site.  With Google Sites, you are able to create a simple web page for your company, classroom, or even just your family.  They also allow you to embed any pictures, videos or other documents you want.

Google had been getting a bit of criticism for the lack of features.  So, Google has taken the constructive criticism and turned it into something “A Whole Lot Prettier” according to Mashable’s Stan Schroeder. (more…)

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